Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching is essential to the growth and development for children.  As an educator, I feel that all students have the capability to learn.  Reading is an important part to learning.  It is the basis for all things and should be emphasized in all curricular areas when teaching.

In the classroom it is important to remember that you are the role model.  The behaviors that you show in the classroom will reflect on the students.  I will display good behaviors in the classroom so that my students show good behaviors.  Some behaviors such as respect and responsibility are important values that I feel are important to instill in all children.  By modeling good behavior to my students, I will also be teaching them important values.

A sense of community is also extremely important.  I believe that when students have a sense of community within a classroom they will learn better.  Creating a sense of community within the classroom is an important part of the first week of school.  Having students interact with one another, know one another, and respect one another as individuals and classmates, is an essential tool for an effective classroom.

Motivating children to learn is probably one of the most difficult tasks to do.  I believe that you can not just teach the base information.  You have to be able to make it interesting and exciting.  This can be done with a hands-on lesson by using fun manipulatives in math, or by creating different centers around the room that enable kids to interactively learn.

Beyond teaching in the classroom, I believe that parent involvement is important.  Contact with the parents is important because it keeps them updated with how their children are doing.  I plan on doing this by having a weekly letter that goes home, e-mail if it is available, and during parent-teacher conferences.


Children whose parents are involved in their formal education have many advantages. They have better grades, test scores, long-term academic achievement, attitudes, and behavior than those with disinterested mothers and fathers (Anne T. Henderson 1988), Peterson


Discipline in the classroom is also very important.  In the book, First Year Urban Teacher, discipline in the classroom is defined as behavior training.(Teacher for Hire) Students should know and understand the rules of the classroom.  My classroom will have the rules clearly displayed.  Along with the rules being displayed my students will know the consequence for each rule that is broken.  The rules and consequences will be consistent throughout the year.

Consistency is the basis for structure in the classroom.  Consistency in the classroom allows students to follow a pattern and always know what they should be doing at any given time.  This sort of structure in the classroom is important because it enables the teacher to teach the children some independence while also having control.  Teaching with consistency will allow me to be more effective with my students because they will already be aware of what to expect.  By knowing what they will be doing, there will not be wasted time in explaining why something is being taught when it is.



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